A Few Fun Facts About Me


I'm sassy and sarcastic.

I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke.  My vice of choice is soda...I run on Pepsi.

I love to dance but desperately wish I could sing, however I need auto tune to even sing Happy Birthday.  Your girl can't carry a tune.

My favorite dessert is a cupcake and it also my favorite occasional Saturday morning breakfast.  A little cake for breakfast never killed anyone!

Shopping is my favorite sport :)

I've been a dog lover since I was a child. My very first dog was a Labrador Retriever.

I'm confident and daring, but not because I think I know it all - rather because I know I can rebound from anything that doesn't kill me.  I'm an optimist and 'glass half full' type of girl.

Thank you for visiting my blog and shop!  I'm glad you are here.  Us Pretty Little Pet Lovers have a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other.  Please post a comment or send me an email so I can get to know you too.



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