Live Life Unleashed Bracelet

  • $35.00

Dogs have a natural way of just living in the moment and enjoying it.  They don’t get caught-up on expectations or disappointments or try to impress others - they just live, life, unleashed.  They appreciate what they have and make the most of what they are given. 

This bracelet is to honor that mindset and encourage us to seek joy and gratitude and live our lives unleashed.  It’s my hope, the women who wear this bracelet are inspired to be who you want to be - because you are unique and amazing.

This 7” engraved bar bracelet is made with three coating options:18K Rose Gold, 24K Gold, and White Rhodium.  It’s dainty, beautiful, and you are sure to be pleased with it.  It comes packaged in an eco-friendly leatherette covered box with a cloth inlay and a magnetic closure.

Delivery time is 7-10 days from the day you order.